Alternative Florist in Bristol, Somerset, London & surrey

I specialise in courageously creative flowers that create a talking point in themselves.

Whether you want to wow your wedding guests or create the perfect instagrammable press day, I will work with you to bring your vision to life.

If you’re a house plant obsessive like me, why not check out the Shop, I’ve got a hand-picked edit of the best botanical gifts, delivered straight to your door.

about me

The Face Behind the Flowers

Hey, I’m Gemma, founder and lead florst at Femme Petale.  Before I get to know you, your desires and what floral magic you’d like me to weave, let me tell you something about my journey, how I fell into floristry and what makes me tick.

After years working in the corporate world, I was yearning for a creative outlet.  My passion for all things creative had slowly got lost in the grey repetition of daily life and there wasn’t time for the creative projects I craved.  Deciding to take control, I enrolled in a floristry course, and something clicked into place. Flowers slowly took over my life and my home, and it very quickly became apparent that working as a florist was the calling for me.

I’m currently based in South West, London but planning a move further West, to Bristol!  I’m hoping that when I get there, you’ll find me in a lusciously overgrown garden filled with fragrant flowers, with my own studio at the bottom and a sleepy dachshund curled up at my feet while I work.  That’s the dream!

hold on, I’m looking for iris & co?

Iris & Co was my previous brand name, I’ve recently changed things up and Femme Petale is the start of some exciting new beginnings.  It’s still me behind the brand, making all the flowers so don’t worry, I’m still here.

If you’d like to read about the rebrand story and why I changed, you can find it here:  



things that make me



Rewatching Peep Show for 1000th time


Travelling & exploring new places


My sidekick sausage dog, Jasper


A big plate of Indian food


the changing seasons


A cold craft beer after a long day


Indie music circa 2005-2015


The mysteries of the Moon


Long dog walks


A constant flow of tea

What makes you happy? Get in touch – I’d love to hear! 

when the

stars align

client love
We want to say a big thank you for our wonderful wedding flowers – it went way beyond our expectations”
– sam and josh

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Nothing makes you feel better than a thoughtful gift when you’re not feeling yourself.  So we’ve created this gift box for those who need a little pick me up, including all the essentials.  Choose to send a plant and pot or a bud vase of dried flowers to your lucky giftee.

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