Gorgeous Boho & Pampas Grass Wedding Flowers in Yoghurt Rooms, Surrey

When thinking about boho wedding flowers, you probably picture a relaxed style, maybe lots of grasses, some dried flowers and maybe a barefoot bride gliding over some grass.  I added a little edge to the boho theme with these wedding flowers by taking on a darker tone. I used colour and bought in greenery for depth and texture, giving a boho vibe but with a slight twist. It was all captured perfectly by Chloe Mary Photo and Musk Wedding Films (scroll down for the EPIC video!). 

Brides legs and shoes in front of ceremony area flowers holding bouquet iris co

As I walked into the Yoghurt Rooms, a gorgeous large Barn in Surrey with an enormous open fireplace, I was greeted by an unexpected surprise (I guess I shouldn’t have been, given the name…). On the other side of a glass pane behind the barn was a room full of cows, gently mooing and enjoying their breakfast.

It was a freezing cold morning and I had driven through the fields early, rolling mists occasionally smothering the road, my least favourite driving weather so I was relieved to arrive and spot my bovine friends for the day.  The venue kindly lit the gigantic fire for us to try to keep us warm through the day.


I started out by creating the ceremony area, which was alongside Ella’s amazing props from The Surrey Wedding Company.  Wicker has come a long way since our parents’ conservatory furniture and I’m a huge fan of a peacock chair now!  The moongate was a gorgeous feature I knew I wanted to dress with flowers.   I created a small design to attach to the structure to tie in with the large meadow of flowers I had running along the bottom, giving it a really luxurious feel.  Full of greenery but with perfect flowers popping up like they were growing from a garden was the wild and natural way I wanted it.  

boho wedding ceremony area with flowers and pampas grass iris co

The Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet was a mixture of fresh and dried elements.  The tulip variety you can see are called ‘brownies’ – a new variety that looks incredible when reflexed (that means peeling the petals back on themselves).  I also used dahlias, carnations, roses as well as dried palms, preserved beech and white ruscus. It was a big bouquet, rich and full of texture, the kind of design where you see more, each time you look at it.

bride in a leather jacket holding large boho bouquet with pampas grass
groom in dark green suit and tattoos with pampas grass and dried flower buttonhole

The Buttonhole

The grooms buttonhole I put together using just dried flowers, the wispy little grasses you can see are called Lagurus, or ‘bunny tail’ grass.  With a little pinch of pampas offshoots and a scabious dried pod, I died with a little silk ribbon to finish. 

The Wedding Breakfast

For the reception table, we decided to go tall, due to the huge ceilings at the barn.  Tall arrangements can help to bridge the vastness between everything going on at table level and the high ceilings at a venue.  Stood on top of one of my lovely Harlow stands, painted gold was a large, cascading design filled to the brim with gorgeous overflowing foliage and lush fresh flowers.  I love flowers that naturally hang down, like amaranthus. I think it brings a natural feel to designs and starts to bring the colours down towards the table.  They also help a design to not look too formal. For me, there’s nothing worse than a perfect round design, balanced on top of a tall vase – not my style at all! 

tall boho table flowers on a picnic table wedding breakfast

The Video

I’d definitely recommend a barn wedding if you’re countryside lovers, looking for somewhere you can make your own.  They’re such a blank canvas for creating your perfect wedding. However, they do need a couple with a good vision to imagine how it will all look when it’s finished!

If you love this gorgeous, natural boho style then we’re kindred spirits to get in touch, I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned!

The Team behind the Look

Photographer: Chloe Mary Photo

Venue: Yoghurt Rooms

Props: The Surrey Wedding Company

Art direction/Photo Booth: Oh Snap UK

Glitter Bug & VW Camper: Buttercup Bus

Videographer: Musk Photography and Films

HMUA: Storme Makeup and Hair

Flowers: Iris & Co Flowers

Food: The Garden Chef

Cake: Sugar Plum Bakes

Bridal Dress: Love Spell Design

Leather Jacket: Bee Davies Illustration

Stationery: Peach Wolfe

Jewellery: Fern Jewellery Design