Caring for and Watering your Christmas Wreath

So you’ve made or bought your gorgeous Christmas wreath and you’re wondering how to keep it looking fresh and gorgeous for the rest of the season?

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Well the good news is, you won’t need to do too much. The types of foliage we use in wreaths is super hardy and will be just fine hanging on a door over the festive season. If the weather is unseasonably warm or if you’ve chosen to keep your wreath inside, it may start to dry out and look a little wilted from the central heating and dry air at home. You can check if your wreath is drying out a bit just by lifting it up. If it’s started to dehydrate, it will be super light, much more so than when you first bought it home. If that’s the case, the best way to keep your wreath looking fabulous is just to give it a drink!

How to Water your Christmas Wreath

Firstly, check the back of your wreath. All wreaths I make and send out as kits are all moss based. If you can see straw/plastic/foam at the back of your wreath – this guide probably won’t help much and I’d suggest reaching out to the Florist you bought it from.

Moss not only makes a great base for your wreath (and much better eco-friendly credentials than floral foam) but it also acts as a water source and can soak up a surprising amount!

The first thing you want to do is to remove any fairy lights you’ve got on your wreath – we don’t want them getting wet! When your wreath is safely light free and removed from the hanger, pop it in a sink, decorative side up, with some water, enough to cover the bottom half of the wreath and leave for about 30mins. The moss will soak up lots of water and the greenery can have a much needed drink. Try to avoid getting the fruit wet as I’ve found they can go a little mouldy if they get too wet and can’t dry out quickly enough.

How to water a christmas wreath in sink
My wreath was a little too big for my sink! If that’s the case with yours, keep rotating it or – just pop it in the bath instead!

Once it’s had a good soak, take the wreath out and leave it on the draining board for about an hour to let all the excess water drain out. Avoid this step and you’ll end up with wet feet and a wet door – not ideal.

How to water a christmas wreath in sink on draining board
Just leave it to drain on the side

When the excess water drains off, it’s ready to hang back up! You’ll find your wreath should look a little more sprightly and will certainly feel a lot heavier! That should hopefully be enough for it to last the rest of the season, if not, feel free to repeat to keep giving your wreath a little pep up!

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