Choosing Wedding Flowers for Your Colour Palette | Wedding Florist Surrey

Colour palettes are a funny thing with wedding flowers. Some of the most popular colour palettes right now are colours that don’t actually exist in nature at all, I’m thinking blacks, greys, navy blues for example.

It’s important not to get too hung up on the exact colours of your flowers as no florist in the world will be able to guarantee you a certain shade of flower. The colour they turn can depend on: the time of year, location, soil type, how long they’ve been cut, light, rainfall and a whole host of other hard to control factors. This is part of the joy (and sometimes stress) of being a florist – you just don’t always know what you’re going to get!

This is why I always advise couples to think around their colour palette rather than being particularly strict with a certain tone or shade (your roses may not be the exact colour of the napkins but that’s OK!).

Let’s take navy blue for example – there are dark purple and some dark blue flowers but nothing that really falls into navy. Therefore, I would suggest looking at colours which work around your colour palette, rather than matching it exactly. Firstly, I would recommend a lighter tone – something like a cream or champagne tone, not quite bright white but something to lift and create contrast. Then I would recommend adding in some sage green with your greenery – that way you’re getting the blue tones but also lifting it and bridging the gap between the cream and the blue. This way, you can have beautiful, natural looking flowers, without resorting to dyed or fake florals which for me are never as good as the real thing.

I thought I’d share one of my favourite colour palettes I’ve worked with, which was a taupe/toffee colour and blue tones. It sounds like it would be too much of a clash and some bold statement flowers but with the creamy tones in there and the greens to soften it, it was a really soft, romantic colour palette that was both stylish and unique. I love colours that are just a little out of the ordinary. A white wedding is classic and beautiful but there’s more you can do without straying into the ‘too much’ category.

I even injected a little pink into the bouquet, which was highlighted but the tiny flecks in the peonies and worked really well with the toffee and cream tones. The white stocks and roses make the whole thing feel a bit more light and airy and the delphiniums just offer that pop of contrast with the gorgeous blues.

When creating a design with colour, a huge amount of thought goes into balancing the tones and shades of the flowers, as well as choosing the right ones. So although I may not get the exact shade of the grooms tie in your bouquet, you’ll know it will be absolutely stunning and work with your colour scheme overall.

If you’d like to chat all things wedding flowers (honestly, I could go on for days….) just get in touch and book in a free consultation. I’d love hear what you’ve got planned!

Top photo by Laura Martha Photography, other photos by Menzies Photography