Contemporary Autumnal Wedding flowers for Ryan and Christie

When Ryan and Christie came to me enquiring about Autumnal wedding flower suggestions and warm-toned wedding flowers. I sensed they were not just wanting your standard late–year wedding blooms. I set out to propose the very best contemporary autumnal wedding flower ideas. Therefore, when I sent them my rich-coloured, texture driven wedding flower designs they were delighted. 

October is one of my busiest months of the year. I love autumnal weddings and I think that shines through in the work I post and that brings me more! For me, it’s such a fun time with some of my favourite flowers in season but also the perfect time to weave in some of the more interesting and underused elements – vines, dried flowers, twigs, and grasses, they all work together to create something so unique that you just don’t see at other times of the year! Keep scrolling to see more of Ryan and Christine’s unique and inspiring Autumnal wedding day.

Contemporary Autumnal Wedding flowers for Ryan and Christine.


For Christie’s bouquet Dahlias, pampas, dried palms, feathers, and lots more went into making this bouquet. It was FULL of texture, and I loved it, one of my all-time favs. I used lots of autumn hues: deep burgundy foliage, bright reds, and burnt yellows. Dotted amidst the vibrant petals I added unique texture with delicate feathers, adding a touch of ethereal whimsy to the bouquet. I finished the bouquet with ornamental grasses, their wispy strands dancing with every movement, and a sprinkling of berries in shades of red and deep purple, which serve as tiny jewels that adorn the bouquet perfectly captured by Mattlee Photographer.

Contemporary Autumnal Wedding flowers for Ryan and Christine.


Ryan’s buttonholes were amazing too, a deep wine-red rose paired with a pair of stunning white and vibrant pink duel-toned Astrantia, grasses, berries, and one last unique touch…we found replica bird skulls on Etsy, and I worked them into the buttonholes! It took a VERY long time, but it was worth it and still, probably the most interesting ones I’ve made to date!

Contemporary Autumnal Wedding flowers for Ryan and Christine.


In the ceremony space the couple had a custom arch made by Louis Rhoades. I attached a suspended elongated floral arrangement to the top left side. A-symmetry of the floral piece against the striking geometric structure worked perfectly to illuminate the space and soften the back. Drop, integrating it into the rest of the day. To do so I used the same floral palette of Dahlias, pampas, dried palms, and feathers. The grasses looked fantastic protruding and extending outward like an autumnal floral eruption. 

Contemporary Autumnal Wedding flowers for Ryan and Christine.


In the wedding breakfast space, the banquet tables lay invitingly topped with small pumpkins of all the autumnal shades from which were protruding several tall and domineering black candelabras. The gothic frameworks were perfect for the autumnal flower centrepiece ideas I had. I arranged the vibrant blooms among the branches of the top of the candelabra. The deep red and rust-yellow tones illuminated by the swaying candlelight. The soft glow of the candles and the October wedding flower selection created the perfect harmony, softening the space and creating the perfect intimate and cosy dining space for Ryan and Christie to celebrate their love story with their friends and family. 

Christie looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day along with her husband Ryan. These guys were really put through it when their wedding was postponed in 2020. It was a pleasure to be able to bring some floral magic to their day when it did go ahead, surrounded by their friends and it was super intimate. They were the loveliest couple to get to know and a joy to flower for them. If you would like to find out more about the contemporary autumnal wedding flowers, we could create on your special day I am now taking bookings for 2024/2025 brides so get in touch

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Photographer: @mattleephotographer

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