Deep, Dusky Wedding Flowers at The Mount Without, Bristol

When Amy and Trevor approached me to flower their wedding at The Mount Without, I couldn’t wait, it’s one of the venues in Bristol that always seems to attract interesting couples and artistic florals. It has always seemed the perfect space for my bold and artistic wedding florals, bringing your personality through the flowers. Even better when they told me about their wishes for a deep, dusky wedding flower colour palette. Keep reading to discover how we captured the essence of autumn with Amy and Trevor’s brooding wedding flowers, vivid reds, dark burgundy, deep green, and lighter tones of blush pink for a beautiful contrast.

Deep, Dusky Wedding Flowers at The Mount Without, Bristol

As we arrived at the venue to create Amy and Trevor’s moody wedding palette amid storm Ciaran, however not even an Atlantic storm and the venue being located on one of the steepest hills in Bristol was going to stop us from creating a floral haven. As I stepped inside, I was in awe of the space’s ethereal abandoned church quality. The main halls opened before me looking up to the sky painted on the ceiling, the intricate cracks in the façade the perfect sympathetic restoration of this historic building it feels like stepping back in time, a privilege to be allowed within. 

Deep, Dusky Wedding Flowers at The Mount Without, Bristol


For Amy’s bouquet I created a natural, relaxed design, the hand tie with matching stain ribbon needed impact. To create this, I used black foliage to create a dark contrast to the lighter tones coming from the blush and dark pinks. Nestled in the intricate bridal bouquet I added pops of red, burgundy, and a few splashes of gold to bring the whole thing together. The result was breathtaking the perfect statement bouquet to guarantee Amy made an entrance in her incredible venue. 

Deep, Dusky Wedding Flowers at The Mount Without, Bristol


For Ryan’s all-black buttonhole, I used small flowers from the bridal bouquet, with sprigs of painted greenery, berries, and other dried elements for added texture. The contrast of this dramatic buttonhole on Ryan’s lapel added a touch of sophistication and a subtle hint of mystery. Matching his bride beautifully and hinting to his guests about the extraordinary wedding florals they were about to encounter at this alternative wedding. 

Deep, Dusky Wedding Flowers at The Mount Without


For the entrance I was set on creating a big showstopping piece, for this we decided on a statement Urn. To make the Urn I added an abundance of painted greenery, overspilling and creating organic natural, shapes against the grand Urn ideal for the Church setting.  I loved the unusual shapes and spikes coming out of it, softened with flowers in Amy and Trevor’s dramatic colour palette. 

Deep, Dusky Wedding Flowers at The Mount Without, Bristol


For the table centre pieces, I created thirteen dark and dreamy wedding flower bowls. Each one is filled with moody autumnal blooms. These floral centerpiece bowls I filled with strikingly black painted greenery, serving as a dramatic backdrop for a captivating arrangement of deep red roses and delicate blush pink blooms, creating a bold yet romantic focal point for the table setting. The combination of rich and soft, tones added a captivating aesthetic to the décor.

Deep, Dusky Wedding Flowers at The Mount Without, Bristol


For the sofa in the ceremony area, we can create a stunning floral focal piece. We wanted to celebrate this fun and quirky ceremony item therefore I added florals flowing from the floor, sweeping up the arm this theatrical floral focal point looked exquisite in its moody autumnal palette a striking combination of vintage and modern elements, filled with deep maroons, bright reds, and muted pinks. 

Deep, Dusky Wedding Flowers at The Mount Without, Bristol

Thank you so much to Amy and Trevor for letting me create their deep, dusky wedding flowers. The moody shades were magnificent and allowed me to show off all my favorite floral designs. If you are dreaming of a wedding with a dark and moody floral theme that reflects the colours of autumn,  get in touch, and we can have a chat about how to make your luxury contemporary, and unique wedding flowers come true. 

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