Dewsall Court: Love and Earth Wedding Fair

The journey to Dewsall Court was nothing short of enchanting, travelling through the picturesque Herefordshire landscape, bathed in the golden light of spring mornings. Arriving at Dewsall Court, a venue I had previously explored with the owners, revealed our shared vision for clients. Thus, when invited to participate in their Love and Earth Wedding Fair, I knew we could craft something truly magical for their spaces together.

Dewsall Court: Love and Earth Wedding Fair

On the morning of the event, we ventured past the venue’s magnificent main house towards the Wainhouse. This stunning structure, with its wooden beam vaulted ceilings and enveloping glass, provided an idyllic setting for wedding ceremonies, seamlessly blending with the surrounding grounds. Eager to embrace the outdoors, we embarked on creating a grand broken arch at the entrance to the Wainhouse, echoing the natural beauty of the Herefordshire landscape and serving as a captivating focal point to welcome arriving guests.

Dewsall Court: Love and Earth Wedding Fair

To fashion this floral masterpiece, I employed an abundance of fresh greenery, each leaf’s unique shape and subtle variations in green hues creating a mesmerising tapestry. The foliage catching the gentle breeze gave off an ethereal quality, shimmering as each stem swayed to and fro. Complementing the spring backdrop, I added touches of soft white blossoms, enhancing the charm of the season. Opting for minimal floral adornment, the grandeur of the setting and the vibrant energy of spring ensured that the arches remained impactful, exuding the essence of a spring floral wedding installation.

Dewsall Court: Love and Earth Wedding Fair

Collaborating with Urban Frame, who provided exquisite welcome sign boxed frames, offered an opportunity to infuse heavier floral elements. These frames have a box at the front you can fill with flowers. For this sign, I added fluffy white textured florals and focal ranunculuses. These signs are one of my favourite wedding trends of 2024. 

This collaboration reaffirmed that Dewsall Court attracts couples with whom I share creative energy. The venue’s versatility is evident, capable of embracing diverse themes, from vibrant colour palettes to bohemian or gothic aesthetics, or even deep autumnal floral arrangements. I can’t wait to return to Dewsall Court for future projects, and if you’re a Dewsall Court couple seeking your dream wedding florist, don’t hesitate to contact me today to schedule a free wedding consultation.


Venue: @dewsallcourt