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funeral & farewell flowers

funeral flowers bristol by femme petale

funeral flowers in bristol, eco friendly funeral flowers

My funeral flowers come from a deeply held belief that farewell flowers should truly reflect the person they are in memory of and that they should not ‘cost the earth’ from an environmental perspective.

Each of my funeral designs are unique, based on what families and friends share with me about the person.  Be it a favourite flower, poem or a funny story to help me get to know who that person was, we create something completely bespoke to represent them in the most beautiful way. 

Should the person you’re remembering be a keen gardener or allotment holder, I have created a ‘Gardeners Choice’ service where I visit their garden or allotment to collect the flowers/produce they loved and use them within the designs.  An incredibly personal and special farewell gift.


eco friendly funeral flowers in bristol

Each one of our designs is made from completely biodegradable materials.  We make our bases from willow and twigs and use natural twine to bind things together, making them suitable for natural burial sites.   We use British flowers whenever the season allows, which also supports local Somerset growers.
bridal bouquet in a vase by femme petale bristol florist

Designs & Prices

bridal bouquet in a vase by femme petale bristol florist

These designs are based on the most frequently requested types of flowers.  We can create most bespoke options, within the limits of eco-friendly design.

Sheaf – a large bundle of greenery and flowers, hand tied with natural twine. These are £70 for 2ft and £120 for 3ft designs.

Casket spray – these designs sit on top of the casket, made using entirely natural materials to biodegrade where they rest.  These are £200 for 3ft, £275 for 4ft and £350 for 5ft.

Wreath – a beautiful circle of flowers and greenery on a natural base.  These are £85 for small and £130 for large.

There will be variation in sizing due to the type of materials used. 

Gardeners World Package – I will come to the garden of the person being remembered and source the flowers, plants and produce they lovingly grew, to take back to my studio and create a stunning bespoke design in memory of them.  This service costs £200 plus the chosen design fee above. 




how much do funeral flowers cost?

My minimum spend for funeral flowers is £75, in order to allow us to buy a range of beautiful flowers to create the designs.  Individual designs are priced.  However, we can offer individual stems or bunches of flowers for part of the ceremony from £5.

What's in your Gardeners World package?

This incredibly personal service allows the flowers, plants and produce grown by the person you’re remembering, to be used in the floral designs.  I will come to their garden or allotment and choose a selection of gorgeous seasonal elements to take back to the studio and create something that truly represents them.  This service costs £200 plus the cost of the design.

Can I get their name/a word in letters?

Designs such as letters and complex shapes require the use of floral foam which has a negative effect on the environment in manufacture, use and disposal. 

We don’t use foam for any of our funeral designs so we cannot create letters or complex shapes.  We can however create beautiful, eco-friendly designs that truly reflect the person they’re in memory of.

How much information do you need?

I totally understand that this will be a difficult time.  You’re welcome to provide me with as much or as little information as you want to.  If you’re happy to share, I love to know what type of person they were – creative and wild or quiet and introspective, a lover of colour or a passionate performer, so I can create a design that represents them. 

If you share with me a favourite colour or flower, I will try to include this too and if you share a favourite song with me, I will play it when I make the design, so a little bit of them is part of the design from start to finish.  

how my time do you need?

I need at least 48 hours to source and create your funeral flowers but as much time as possible is appreciated.  You can get in touch by email or call me on 07515 856 339.

can you deliver to a funeral directors?

Absolutely, we can take care of all of the delivery for you.  We are also based opposite Arnos Vale Cemetary if you wanted to collect designs from there for local ceremonies.