So you’ve made your beautiful festive wreath or bought one from your fabulous local florist but now you’re stumped as to how to hang it on your door? That’s OK, I’ve got some top tips for you in this blog post! If you’re still looking for the dream one, head over to our Christmas decoration selection or grab a kit so you can build your own!

Hang using a Wreath Hanger

The easiest way to hang your wreath, on any door is by using a wreath hanger. They’re just a piece of metal that basically hooks your wreath over your door and allows you to hang your wreath on it. I’ve linked a silver one, black one and an adjustable hanger so you can hang it at whichever height you like for your door! (These are affiiliate links)

buy real christmas wreath orange slices cinnamon sticks

These can be challenging for doors that have a lever to support or gently close the door as they can make your wreath slightly off centre. If you have one of these doors, the ribbon option might be best.

So first things first, you need to ensure that your wreath is secure on it’s hanger. I always recommend going THROUGH the copper wire base, rather than balancing your wreath on the hook as it will make it more secure.

how to hang a christmas wreath with a wreath hanger

Make it harder to steal your wreath!

With hanging wreaths, there is always a risk that someone could take a liking to your gorgeous door decoration and pinch it! So what I choose to do is use a small cable tie to secure my wreath onto the hook. Making it that little bit harder to lift off and take means it’s less interesting for opportunistic festive thieves! I personally use reusable cable ties, to reduce my single use plastic and I think they’re great! I’ve added a link to the ones I use here.

how to cable tie a christmas wreath to avoid theft

Using Ribbon to Hang your Wreath

Using ribbon is a lovely way to hang wreaths too and a great way to inject some colour! I love natural hessian ribbons at this time of year as I think the contrast in texture words really well but a dark burgundy or navy blue would also look amazing.

Once again, making sure your wreath is nice and secure on the ribbon is essential so I recommend, just like with the hanger, pushing it through the base. Just use your finger to poke a hole in the moss, where you can see some of the copper frame. Again, use your finger or thumb to push the ribbon up through the base to create a secure hanging.

how to hang a christmas wreath with ribbon

Pull the ribbon through to the desired length and you’ll be able to hang it over the back of the door for a really clean finish on the front. You’ll need to secure the ribbon to the back of your door. You can do this by adding a couple of tacks into the ribbon if you’re happy to or using a hook to tie the ribbon to. Depending on your letter box, you could also use this as an anchor to hold your wreath in the right position.

how to hang a Christmas wreath with ribbon

So that’s it! Your wreath is ready to be hung up, and happy for the rest of the festive season. As ever, if you’ve got any questions, feel free to email me gemma@irisandco.com and make sure you’re following on Insta @irisandcoflowers for more useful info and gorgeous inspiration!

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