‘Banish the Ghosts’ 1:1 Florist Business Coaching

We’ve all experienced ‘ghosting’ as wedding florists.  Clients you pour time and effort into and they just disappear!  This tailored, individual 3 month course, led by Femme Petale Founder, Gemma will take a look at your business in depth together, improve your weak points and drastically reduce the ‘ghosting’!  Read below for the ‘how’…


A Little More Info

‘Banish the Ghosts’ 1:1 Florist Business Coaching

This course is taught on a 1:1 basis so you get Gemma’s expert eye over your business, to give you practical, easy to follow advice as you work through the 3 modules together.  By the end of the course you will be able to:

IDENTIFY your niche to find your ideal client and learn how to get more of them enquiring with you

UNDERSTAND how to reach your audience, to ensure your marketing is focussed on what works rather than spread too far

FIX the gaps in your business or process that are letting clients slip through and leading to them not booking

PRICE your designs appropriately to win work and ensure you’re making a consistent, high profit margin

CLOSE the deal to improve your conversion rate and get those extra leads, booking your business and money in your pocket

With 1:1 support through the modules and a group Q&A every month, you’ll have Gemma’s 5 years of expertise running a successful wedding floristry business as well as building a community of like-minded florists, which is incredibly important for your journey.

As I’ve just opened the course, I’m running a LIMITED TIME early bird offer, with £50 so book now to ensure your place before the doors close!