Florist Coaching | Power Hour

This is a hour totally dedicated to you.  You’ll have unlimited access to my brain, years of experience and expertise from foam-free mechanics to building a successful business for a full 60 minutes with Gemma – owner and founder of Femme Petale.


A Little More Info

Florist Coaching Power Hour

I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time as I know how useful it would have been to me when I was starting up my floristry business!  Learning from other florists has been a huge source of information and support for me, saving me huge amounts of time and money as those more experienced than me shared their mechanics, advice and stories with me.

This Power Hour is all about you.  You’re welcome to come armed with lots of questions, ready to get some answers or we can just start chatting and the conversation can naturally bring up any issues you’re facing or questions you’ve got.  Whether you’re wondering how to keep your flowers alive for a big summer wedding, looking to go full time in your flower business or just get a second pair of eyes on what you’re doing, this is the perfect way to do it.  There’s no topic off limits, from the practical side of floristry to mindset and business issues, you’re welcome to discuss absolutely everything in a safe space, with me.  You’ll leave feeling excited and armed with lots of knowledge and advice and with the confidence to tackle any challenges you’ve been facing as well as a new friend in the industry!

We’ll also have a 15min chat prior to your Power Hour where we can connect and you can share a few of the questions you might have, giving me time to have a look at your business in more detail, before our call.  Once you’ve bought the session, I’ll send you an email to get you booked in.  We can have the session online or you’re welcome to come into my studio in Paintworks, Bristol, if you’re nearby!

I also offer a Website Audit where I dedicate my time and energy to going through your website and giving you a list of clear, actionable tasks to get your website performing better for you, bringing in those ideal clients and converting them into sales.