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Have you found your website has recently stopped performing as well as it was or did it never seem to get off the ground?  Gemma, owner and founder of Femme Petale will review your website in detail and create an actionable, clear list of ways to improve your website so you can start reaching more ideal clients and converting them into bookings, with ease.



A Little More Info

Florist Coaching Website Audits

The internet has changed everything for small businesses but that doesn’t mean we all know how to create show-stopping, interactive and engaging websites. Your homepage is your storefront, the 5 seconds where you can capture someone’s attention or they click away forever. It’s important to get your website right and you’ll soon find that those ideal clients linger a little longer and more start enquiring and converting.

I’ve been a florist for 5 years and I’ve had a website since day dot.  I won’t pretend it was as beautiful as this one but it taught me a huge amount!  I’ve built websites myself and had the help of designers too so I have experience of starting from nothing and tweaking a good website to make it great.  I realised you can spend such a long time creating and editing web pages, it can be hard to take a step back and really look at it objectively.  That’s why I’ve created this website audit session.  I will sit down and go through your website, writing out an actionable plan (with examples if necessary) to really elevate your website and get it working better for you.

There is huge value in someone from the same industry looking at your work.  It’s challenging for florist websites as we’re often selling lots of things – weddings, funerals, workshops – all with very different copy and audiences!  So here’s your chance to get my energy, time and expertise looking through your website in detail, giving you clear, actionable outputs to improve the most important advertising feature you’ve got.  This is a fast track to getting your website is more cohesive, clearer and attractive to your ideal client and getting them to hit that enquiry button.

Prior to reviewing your website, I’ll arrange a 15 minute call with you to have a chat and connect with you and you can share your experience with your website so far and any questions  you might have.   Once you’ve bought your audit session, I’ll send you an email to book in your call and schedule your website feedback.

If you’d like to work with me but you’re happy your website is at it’s absolute best, how about booking in a Power Hour?  A whole 60 minutes with unlimited access to my brain for question about business, clients, mechanics or mindset, whatever you need.