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Alternative Wedding Florist in Bristol, somerset, & gloucester

If you’re the kind of couple who want your wedding flowers to be memorable, creative and unique – I’m the wedding florist for you.

Perfect posies and princess bridal gowns are not really my cup of tea; I flower for couples who know their wedding flowers don’t need to be stuffy or old fashioned and want something modern, natural and beautiful for their big day.

I have two options for you to choose from.  For the majority of my weddings, the team and I are on site setting up, moving designs from ceremony to reception and coming back the next day to pick it all up.  If that’s what you’re after, click ‘The Whole Shebang’ below, to get in touch and tell us your plans! 

For those who are looking for something simpler and don’t need me to be on site, there’s the ‘Ready to Wear’ Collection.  I’ve pulled together two different styles and priced up all the designs you’re likely to need from pew ends to centrepieces.  You can come and collect them before the wedding or arrange for delivery to the venue.  Click below for more info.

time to be brave

bride holding colourful bouquet by Femme Petale Bristol Florist

A wedding day is an event of superlatives: 

…the deepest of loves, the biggest of smiles, and the most fabulous of parties.

You need flowers that can keep pace with the emotions of your celebration. Now isn’t the moment for shrinking violets – it’s time to be brave.

Get in touch to start designing your extraordinary wedding flowers.

when the

stars align

couple kissing in front of beautiful fireplace flowers by femme petale bristol florist
client love
We just wanted to say a massive thank you for our wedding flowers! They were so beautiful, we loved the colour palette, mix of textures and shapes. You really nailed our vision so thank you!
– anjana AND jack



What’s your style?

I specialise in creating wild, natural designs without structured shapes or tight bundles of flowers.  I love to work with the natural shape of the flower, even if that’s dancing just above the rest.  I embrace colour and depth in my designs which mean you see more with each glance. 

I don’t create tight ball designs balanced on top of glass vases, nor will I give you the perfect round bouquet.  To me, flowers aren’t meant to look like that and I’m passionate about embracing nature as she grows.

where do you cover?

I’m based in Bristol, covering Somerset, Gloucester and the Cotswolds as my local area.

I’m happy to flower your wedding anywhere from the Highlands to Land’s End!  I love travelling for weddings but realistically, there needs to be a minimum spend of £3,000 for me to flower a wedding further out.


Where do I start?

I don’t want you to worry about the details.  You don’t need to know flower names or what’s in season for your wedding day – that’s my job!  We’ll start with a video call and a cup of tea to get to know each other.  You can tell me all about your wedding plans and I’ll eagerly write it down, to pour into your bespoke proposal.


Prices vary hugely depending on season, flower choices and what type of designs you’d like!  For smaller budgets, I have a ‘Ready to Wear’ collection of gorgeous florals which you can collect from my studio or have delivered to your venue.

If you’d like something more bespoke, the team and I will come and create an epic floral oasis at your venue, from £2000.  Get in touch for a free consultation and I’ll draw up a beautiful, itemised proposal so you know exactly what you’re spending.

Do you have a minimum spend?

While I love doing them, weddings are a huge investment of time: at least 15 hours in the build up and rarely under 20 hours on the day!  To make this work, I do have a minimum spend of £2,000 on all bespoke weddings – this can include flowers, candles, vases or urns or anything you need from me.

If you’re planning something smaller, I have developed a ‘Ready to Wear’ collection of florals which you can collect from my studio or we can arrange for delivery.  Ready to Wear has a minimum spend of £350.

What will you do on the day?

I’ll be up bright and (very) early to create the final pieces of the floral puzzle – your bouquet, buttonholes and personal flowers, before heading to the venue.  I’ll drop off your bouquets on the way (one of my absolute highlights) before creating some floral magic at your ceremony, getting it ready for you and your guests.

While you’re saying your vows, I will be beavering away with my team in the reception venue, bringing your floral dreams to life. 

Once your day has come to an end, the bar is dry and the painful shoes have long been discarded, I will be back to sweep up every last petal.

What do you do with the flowers afterwards?

There are a few options!  I can set up a wrapping table for your guests to take flowers home with them at the end of the night. 

Alternatively, I work with the Confetti Club to repurpose all suitable petals which are dried and sold as confetti with the proceeds going to charity!

For more ideas, check out this blog post

Do you have a team?

I have a fantastic team of talented freelance florists who I work with regularly on large scale weddings and events.  If there’s a short turnaround or late venue access, that’s when I’ll need a bigger team to ensure we’ve got every petal in the right place before your big day kicks off!

Do you do elopement/micro weddings?

I do! I  would love to be involved in your celebration whatever the size.  

My minimum spend for bespoke setup at  weddings is £2,000.  If you’re only after a smaller amount of flowers, have a look at the ‘Ready to Wear’ collection.  The minimum spend for ‘Ready to Wear’ is £350, as I have to buy  all flowers in wholesale quantities.  I am unable to create beautiful designs for less than this.