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Deborah | Begonia Maculata | Trout Begonia | Spotted Begonia Houseplant

Just look at those leaves!  Deborah the Trout Begonia Maculata is the fashionista of the plant world with her perfect white polka dots against the dark green leaves, and a purple underside like an incredible cloak.  As she grows, more tiny little leaves will emerge, with even tinier little dots!  A gorgeous plant that keeps on giving.        

Deborah Loves

☼ Sunlight: A bright spot without direct sunlight ☂ Water: Keep moist but careful not to overwater, occasional misting ♡ Care: Easy – Medium ◯ Pot Size: fits 13-15cm


She will arrive in an 11cm plastic growing pot, or you can add on a perfectly fitting pot to go with her – I recommend a 13-15cm
Nothing makes you feel better than a thoughtful gift when you’re not feeling yourself.  So we’ve created this gift box for those who need a little pick me up, including all the essentials.  Choose to send a plant and pot or a bud vase of dried flowers to your lucky giftee.

£12.00 £3.60