Rainbow wedding flowers at The Holford Arms, Cotswolds

Stunning rainbow wedding flowers at The Holford Arms, Cotswolds

Emily and Fi wanted unique multi-coloured floral designs for their wedding. Bright and colourful wedding flowers, floral arches with a splash of colour and rainbow-themed wedding decor with flowers throughout, including incorporating some sunflowers the mother of the bride had grown for her daughter’s wedding day. As a wedding florist specialising in rainbow wedding flowers, I knew that we were the perfect fit. 

I arrived at the Holford Arms on an unseasonable grey day in July. From the front this venue appears unassuming, Let me assure you that further investigation is required, and you won’t be disappointed. As I walked through the venue, into their ceremony space, a light, and bright rustic outdoor barn, before being led by neon bright festival flags that erupted bright and colourful from the forest-like surroundings to the wedding breakfast space. A huge barn conversion now housing impressive banquet tables, tall ceilings, and natural textures. The perfect backdrop for my unique multi-coloured floral designs.

Stunning rainbow wedding flowers at The Holford Arms, Cotswolds


I began in the ceremony space creating the main show-stopping statement, a rainbow floral broken arch. I began by mixing greenery in different hues of green the shapes of the British leaves waving together to form a natural backdrop on which to lay our vivid flowers. I added Spray roses, larkspur, nigella, strawflower, yarrow, craspedia, lily of the valley, allium, carnations, cosmos, plumosa celosia, hydrangea, globe thistle, gerberas, as well as delphiniums and foxtail lily for height and bright colourful shapes curving through the floral design. The result was an incredibly bold and bright burst of colour already drawing your attention to the head of the aisle and able to brighten even this gloomiest of days. 

To add even more impact, I created floral meadows in the same floral palette which continued the floral wedding design across the ceremony space. Placing them across the raised platform where the brides would say I do, as well as at the head of the aisle to brighten up the whole space and to add a punch of Fi and Emily’s infectious energy and enthusiasm, to really personalised the space for their special moment together. 

Stunning rainbow wedding flowers at The Holford Arms, Cotswolds
Stunning rainbow wedding flowers at The Holford Arms, Cotswolds


Being a love-inclusive florist, I am used to creating bridal bouquets for two brides. The brides asked for unique rainbow rose bouquets that where sisters not twins. To do so I used the same flowers dahlias, sunflowers, pittosporum, roses, and nigella, in a vibrant colour palette of bright pinks, vivid orange, dusty blue, and sunflower yellow. However, I balanced the designs by playing with the scale, distribution, and height of the similar flowers to create two bridal bouquets that perfectly complimented each other however with enough unique elements to show the differences between our beautiful brides.  

Stunning rainbow wedding flowers at The Holford Arms, Cotswolds


Something I have seen increasing in popularity is to create buttonholes for all members of the wedding party. Therefore, at Fi and Emily’s wedding every member was gifted a richly-hued buttonhole. Using spray roses, larkspur, nigella, strawflower, yarrow, craspedia, and sprigs of greenery tied with a soft brown yarn. Perfect pops of bright floral magic to identify the bride’s nearest and dearest bringing them into the bright tapestry of their colourful wedding day. 

Stunning rainbow wedding flowers at The Holford Arms, Cotswolds
Stunning rainbow wedding flowers at The Holford Arms, Cotswolds


The cavernous wedding reception space with tall apex ceilings gave us an opportunity to create another unique floral wedding element. Instead of bud vases, Fi and Emily opted for simply greenery along their banquet table, the fluid natural shapes blending well with the bright canary yellow runners adoring the banquet tables, along with a multitude of tapered candles in multi-coloured shades and electric bright personalised Tonys chocolate favors, something I have never seen before which is rare having worked in the industry this long. 

My favourite element of this section of the floral design was that instead of tall centrepieces we instead used suspended stems, individually cutting single stems from all the flowers in the ceremony arches, wrapping the stems and tying them to fishing wire, and hanging the delicate dancing florals across the space. The floating rainbow spectacle create the illusion of free-floating flowers, a fun and unique element ideal for Fi and Emily. 

Finally, we repositioned the broken arch from the ceremony behind the top table. Moving floral arches is always a painstaking mission in any venue and here we had the added pressure of being watched by the guests as we quickly whisked the floral arches away to create a dazzling rainbow floral display behind the brides. I also repurposed the multi coloured floral meadows from the ceremony and placed them in front of the top table, creating a dramatic, dazzling floral haven expertly framing the newlyweds. Expertly captured by Emily and Steve Photo

Stunning rainbow wedding flowers at The Holford Arms, Cotswolds

Thank you so much to Fi and Emily for allowing me to add rainbow wedding flowers to their wedding day. If you want unique, creative, and unapologetic Femme Petale flowers for your wedding day, get in touch for 2024/2025 availability and chat about how I can create your perfect style-led florals for your big day. 


Photographer: @emilystevephoto

Venue: @theholdfordweddings