Valentines Dried Flower Bouquets

This is my first proper Valentines day as a full time Florist and if there is one thing I didn’t want to do, it’s spending hours trying to make a dozen red roses look like something special. That’s no offence to roses, give me a good English garden rose all day long but the classic valentines day bouquet has been done to death by the supermarkets and I think it’s time to change it up.

Introducing my gorgeous dried flower bouquets, I’ve chosen pink and nude as the colours so you can pick whichever suits your aesthetic. Each bouquet is handmade by me, using delicate stems of painted foliage, fluffy grasses and flowers to create a modern twist on the valentines bouquet.

natural bouquet dried flowers valentines close up

I also wanted to mix up the Valentines day gifting. As someone who’s had many a single V-day, I can’t say it’s always been my favourite celebration! So why not gift to a great friend, someone who’s lifted your spirits or kept you going this past year, a housemate who’s pushed through the challenging times or someone that you admire, just to say ‘well done, you’ve got this’. Most importantly, you can 100% gift these to yourself – you don’t need a partner to make you whole so why do you need them to get lovely gifts?! Exactly. And this time, you get exactly what you want 😉

What Sizes do You Have?

I’ve created 2 sizes, the smaller one is perfect for a side table or shelf, to add a little texture and pizzazz to a boring corner. The larger one is an awesome statement piece, get ready for guests (when we have them) to be constantly asking where you got it.

Can I add a Message?

Every order with me comes with a handwritten note, either from me to you or whatever you’d like for your recipient! To make things a little more special, I’ve teamed up with the amazing Ink & Paper and Charlotte Argyrou to print a stunning, letter-press card which you can add onto your order. I can handwrite your message or leave it blank for you – just let me know which you prefer when you order!

How to Care for Dried Flowers

They should last at least 2 years and could easily last much longer. Colour will always fade a little but can disappear quickly if they’re left in direct sunlight so avoid that spot on the windowsill for these guys! Ensure they’re NOT kept in water or anywhere humid as that’s a sure fire way to get a mouldy dried flower and that’s not what anyone wants. Also keep them away from where people and pets might brush past them. Dried flowers are incredible delicate and constant brushing past will probably leave you with more bare stems than lush grasses. They should always be kept away from pets too as they could contain chemicals from colouring that shouldn’t be eaten by your fluffy loved ones.

I’ll be sending these gorgeous bouquets all made up and tied with a satin ribbon, ready to be unwrapped by the lucky recipient. If you like, you can add on a beautiful vase too, you can find the terracotta one here. Please do add a note in the checkout and I’ll handwrite it on a gorgeous card so your lucky giftee knows who to thank.

natural bouquet dried flowers valentines in pink vase on blue background